August 10, 2014


Merlin Mann in 2011:

It’s now become unavoidably clear to me that I’ve been doing each of these things poorly. The job, the making, the pleasing, and, yeah, the being at home. And I can’t live with that for another day. So, I’ve chosen which one has to go. At least in the way it’s worked to date. Which is to say not working.

But, that part’s gone missing for just a little too long now. Certainly not missing from my handsome and very practical rhetoric–it’s been missing from my actual life and living. In a quest to make something that has increasingly not felt like my own, I’ve unintentionally ignored my own counsel to never let your hard work fuck up the good things. Including those regular people. Including, ironically, the real work. Including any good thing the crank is supposed to be attached to.

So, I’m done fucking that up. I’m done cranking. And, I’m ready to make a change.

I just found this old article from Merlin, and having recently made some pretty big changes in my own life, it sure hit pretty hard. For me? I’m done cranking for a while, too. I don’t really know what that looks like, but I’m excited to find out.