When I first started donating to charities, I didn’t really know what I was doing and gave random amounts of money away to organizations that happened to float into my attention. That’s a good way to start! But it didn’t work well for me longer term.

So now I sit down once a year and make a plan: a list of the charities and amounts I will give to throughout the year. I take 1% of my net worth at the beginning of the year and distribute it across local, carbon, and social good charities from my donor advised fund. I’ll probably change this strategy in the future, but right now it works well for me.

These are the non-profits I regularly support, and a little context for why I like them.

Tahoe Local

I’m a big believer in your local community, so a lot of the non-profits I give to are doing good things around Tahoe (and other places I frequent).

Carbon Removal & Sequestration

The planet isn’t doing so good as of late. These are a few organizations I think are helping us prepare for a future where we’ll take carbon removal seriously.

Social Good

I don’t really know what to call this category, but I’ve settled on social good. It’s organizations that do things like combat global poverty, prevent people from dying, or builds some kind of super valuable free infrastructure for the world.