My Carbon Offsets

As of November 2021, I estimate my carbon footprint to be roughly 4 tons of C02/mo plus 106 tons of one-time C02 debt and 642 tons of historical CO2 debt. Every month, I spend $1,500.00 on carbon offsets that remove 1.4 tons of CO2 and prevent 36.7 tons of CO2-equivalent from being released.

I am currently offsetting 35% of my monthly emissions, have paid down 31% of my historical emissions, and have a balance of 106 tons of one-time emissions debt.

This is where it goes.

High Quality Removal Projects

I have high confidence these projects permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that otherwise would not have been removed without creating emissions elsewhere.

High Quality Avoidance Projects

I have high confidence these projects permanently prevent greenhouse gasses from being released that otherwise would have been released due to inaction.

Promising Projects

I have hopes that these projects either temporarily prevent greenhouse gasses from being released, or provide a framework toward a carbon-negative process. I have invested or otherwise donated to these organizations, and I like what they’re doing.

Emissions Breakdown

Some Assumptions:

Source Total Debt Type of Offset Total Paid
1984-2020 936 ton Avoidance 293.6 ton (31%)
2021+ Debt 31.2 ton Removal 0 (0%)
Tahoe House Build 75 ton Removal 0 (0%)
Recurring 4 ton/mo Removal 1.4 ton/mo (35%)

At current prices, it would cost an additional $9,630.00 to pay off my historical carbon emissions through avoidance offsets, $45,000 to pay off my one-time debt in removal offsets, and I would need to increase my monthly subscriptions by $1,560/mo to reach net zero.

You can read more about these calculations in Net Zero Ish.

Last updated December 2021.