What I'm Doing Now

This is what I’m doing now. In the style of nownownow.com.

Last updated: January 21, 2023 from South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Building A House

In 2019, I bought an empty plot of land in South Lake Tahoe to build a house. And then I dove into books about functional architecture like Patterns of Home, picked up SketchUp and started coming up with ideas. And then I kind of couldn’t stop. We’re calling it Aster Pines.

Aster Pines — Render

Since then, we partnered up with Sierra Sustainable Builders to take this theoretical house design and turn it into a possible house. And now they’re turning our possible house into a real house that exists in the world. Concrete!

Aster Pines — Reality

Redeveloping an Old Gas Station

A little while ago, Jessica and I bought an old gas station here in town. We want to turn it into a cafe — and more importantly, a place for people. For bikes. And one-wheels. And scooters. And all kinds of things that aren’t cars.

Aster Station - Sketch

Right now, we’re still in the thick of parking minimums and consultants to make the planning department happy. It’ll be a while.


I’m a big fan of exploring the outdoors and enjoying our public lands. In my 4Runner, on my bike, on my snowboard, and by foot. Get outside. It’s good for you.

Sedona, Kirkwood, Moab

As of lately? Flagstaff, Sedona (I mean, SEDONA), Durango, Moab, and Mexico City.

Seasons of Kyle

Writing has always brought me solace, but I’ve often been pretty shit at publishing it. I’m trying to work on that. I’ve been pretty successful in my occasional personal newsletter, Seasons of Kyle.