What I'm Doing Now

This is what I’m doing now. In the style of nownownow.com.

Last updated: October 12, 2021 from Palm Springs, CA.

Building A House

In 2019, I bought an empty plot of land in South Lake Tahoe to build a house. And then I dove into books about functional architecture like Patterns of Home, picked up SketchUp and started coming up with ideas. And then I kind of couldn’t stop. Since then I partnered up with Sierra Sustainable Builders to take this theoretical house design and turn it into a possible house. And now they’re turning our possible house into a real house that exists in the world. Concrete!

Aster Pines — Render vs Reality

Investing Local

While most of my peers have chosen to invest in technology startups, my interests have pushed me toward local businesses: I want to see fewer franchises, and more locally owned & operated small businesses. In 2020, I invested in Refuge Coffee. In 2021, Jessica & I bought an old gas station with plans to develop into what I’m calling a Gas Station of the Future. I hope to share more on what that means soon.


Writing has always brought me solace, but I’ve often been pretty shit at publishing it. I’m trying to work on that. I’ve been pretty successful in my occasional personal newsletter, Seasons of Kyle. And of course: Warpspire.


Some weird shit happened and as a result I’ve found myself in an unexpected situation: wealthy. I don’t care about legacy or turning my too-large pile money into an even larger pile — so every year I give a bunch of money to people and organizations that can put it to good use. My goal is to donate more money than I spend each year, and use up my lifetime gift tax exemption (at minimum) while I’m still alive.

Enjoying Retirement

Truth be told, I am not pushing that hard. I’m not interested in cranking any longer. I’d rather spend my time with friends and family. Maybe reading. Or just enjoying the mountains with Jessica. Some days that’s felling trees at my off-grid property, Leaping Daisy. Other times it’s snowboarding at Kirkwood. Or riding my Nomad up Tahoe Mountain. And occasionally backpacking in my back yard, Desolation Wilderness.

Mountain bike on Lily Lake, camping with the 4runner, and relaxing in Palm Springs

Then again, sometimes I’m just enjoying the pool in Palm Springs, my home-away-from-home.

I did tell you I was retired, didn’t I?